Ultra modern robotic therapy technology for Bavaria

Robot assisted neuro-rehabilitation

The Neuro-Robotics Center Munich has rehabilitation robots of the latest generation. Under expert guidance, we provide our patients in the regions of Dachau, Unterschleißheim and Munich with rehabilitation at the highest level. In addition, we also offer classic physiotherapeutic treatments.

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Each of our patients receives individualized care and therapy.

I need counseling/treatment for:

Multiple Scleroses
Neuromuscular damage
Severe gait traumas
All neurological clinical pictures with impairment of the musculoskeletal system

Neurorehabilitation Robot

Our neuro-robots - certified and adjusted to you

The Neuro-Robotics Center Munich is equipped with 10 ultra modern robotic assistance systems of the latest generation. All robots represent ultra modern technology, e.g. safe, free gait training with the Robot C-Mill, which is in use only 100 times worldwide. Learn more about the robot systems we use.

Therapy Center Haimhausen

Physio-Therapy and Occupational Therapy

For classical physiotherapeutic and occupational therapy treatments we are at your disposal in our therapy center in Haimhausen.