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For over 30 years, we have been successfully active in one of the most demanding forms of therapy in the health sector: physiotherapy, rehabilitation and occupational therapy. The challenge of literally palpating and feeling disease patterns and their therapy is our daily discipline.

The latest findings on robot-assisted forms of therapy for difficult clinical patterns have prompted us to focus on robot-assisted procedures in the field of neuro-rehabilitation. The combination of play and guided movement, of dialogue with the therapist and enjoyment of the experience offers therapeutic benefits like never before.

No human being could train guided movements as precisely as a robot. That's why we at the Neuro-Robotics Center Munich decided to use the currently most modern robotic assistance systems in the world to train our patients. Anyone who's seen our C-Mill robot, of which only 100 pieces exist worldwide, knows what we are talking about.

Our Team

We accompany you into a new future

Our entire team will support and guide you through your treatment and rehabilitation. Our amazing neuro-robots will help you "play" your training and achieve treatment.

Each individual care-giver at the Neuro-Robotics Center Munich is completely dedicated to you and will help you on your way through therapy.

Portrait of Sabri Maraqa, Physiotherapist and Owner

Sabri Maraqa

Physiotherapist and Owner

Portrait of Nic Nascholt, Physiotherapy, Medical Gymnastics, Neurorobotics

Nic Nascholt

Physiotherapy, Medical Gymnastics, Neurorobotics

Portrait of Nicole Müller, Occupational Therapy, Neurorobotics

Nicole Müller

Occupational Therapy, Neurorobotics

Portrait of Tom Haras, Physiotherapy, Medical Gymnastics

Tom Haras

Physiotherapy, Medical Gymnastics

Portrait of Tatjana Rapp, Occupational Therapy

Tatjana Rapp

Occupational Therapy

Portrait of Renate Zenz, Occupational Therapy

Renate Zenz

Occupational Therapy

Portrait of Suhad Maraqa, Administration

Suhad Maraqa


Portrait of Angela Winterberger, Administration

Angela Winterberger


Portrait of Linda Drechsler Administration

Linda Drechsler